Lakshman Das Baul

Lakshman Das Baul

interviewed at Bagan Para, Shantiniketan, Bolpur, Birbhum


My name is Lakshman Das. The name of my village is Jaydeb Kenduli in the Birbhum district. The name of my Ashram is Tamaltal Ashram. I am the sole adopted son of Sudhir Baba. I have grown up under his guidance.

For how many years have you been singing?
I have been singing Baul songs for the last twenty-seven years, from a very young age that is.

How old are you now?

Since what age have you been singing?
Since the age of ten, when I was reading in class one.

Who are your gurus?
Sudhir Baba. Sudhir Das Baul. I have learnt from him.

Do you stay there?
Yes I live in his ashram.

Do you have any other occupation?
No, my sole occupation is music.

Has any cassette or CD by you been released?
Yea, a cassette.

When was it released?
In 2005.

Have you ever been abroad?
No, not abroad. But I have performed within India.
In various parts of West Bengal. Besides that, Kerala, Shilchor and Halflong in Assam and Benaras. I have been to various parts of India.

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Hj¢e LÉ¡­pV HLV¡ B­Rz

L­h ­h¢l­u­R?

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Interviewer: Aditi Sircar

Camera: Shubhankar Bhar, Ashesh Mukherjee

Sound: Dhiman Karmakar, Sudipto Mukherjee