Bodo Golam Fakir

Gourbhanga, Thanar Para, Nadia

The Day This Worldly Flesh Turned to Ashes (Ei Deho Maatir Deho)

The day this worldly Flesh turned to ashes in the Murshid’s (1.) Fire.

This Body’s clay
Fired by Allah (2.)
Burned pure by the Pir’s (3.) flame.

Moves against the Tide and never  ebbs.
The Quran (4.) says it never dies.

That other than human kind 
Have survived the burning of the Pir’s fire,
Such a creature in this world 
Have I never seen.

As are your acts (Karma 5) so your results,
Trust not in my words alone.

Hasan* says I have not the power 
To satisfy Israil Shah.**

Recorded 29th April, 2009, at the American Center, Kolkata, WB
* the writer of this song.

** presumably his ‘teacher’; Guru, Pir or Murshid.

1. Murshid: the Teacher in Fakir practise.
2. Allah: God, the undivided Deity in Islam.
3. Pir: the Teacher; in Fakir practise God is reached only through the Pir's teachings and intervention.
4. Quran: the holiest Book in Islam. Fakirs in Bengal commonly indicate that God is to be experienced  in the believer's Body and not merely read about in the Quran. Such lines have brought opprobrium from conservative Islam upon Fakirs.
5. Karma: action. Here it may mean acts involving sexuality.

 translated by AditiNath Sarkar and Soumyo Chakravarti

Recorded at American Center, Kolkata

Camera: Shubhankar Bhar, Shubra Dutta

Audio: Shubhadeep Sengupta

Director: Tanaji Dasgupta

Edited by Rhonda Granger