Israfil Fakir

Jalangi, Murshidabad

My Heart Didn't Wish to Build a House, Young Lady (Amar Mono Na Chaaye E Ghor Bnadhilo Kishori)

Even if the mind was unwilling
The maiden made me enter domesticity!
O Let us become Fakirs!

In the corners of Sai’s eyes
There is a garden of flowers;
Therein blooms the kamini (1),
Let us- the passionate lovers,
Drink that nectar secretly,
Like the black bee.
(O Maiden) let us become Fakirs!

Even if the mind was unwilling…

At the emptiness of Tribeni (2)
In this land of ‘Bharat’ (3)
Canopied by her beauty,
She built a house (for us)
Within the house, the hidden treasure
Is awakened, like a peacock (4)!
Beholding it, my eyes flood over!
(O Maiden!) let us become Fakirs!

Even if the mind was unwilling…

Within the ocean of the woman,
The man shines as moonlight,
Therein lies the bazar of love.
So says Mamon Nadia,
(O beloved!) Let us sink deep
Within these waters,
Where love is bought and sold.
(O Maiden!) let us become Fakirs!

Even if the mind was unwilling…


(1) Known as the ‘orange-jasmine’ for its typical orange-like fragrance, it is a flower that typically blooms in the Indian subcontinent.
(2) ‘Tribeni’ or ‘Triveni’ refers to the confluence of the rivers considered sacred within Hinduism—Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati.
(3) Synonym for India.
(4) A possible reference to sexual desire.

The song is probably trying to highlight how only by first realizing domesticity and conjugal love is it eventually possible to obtain renunciation. The sage/ poet here seems bewitched by the maiden and it is her beauty that lures him into the entrapment of domesticity. Yet, his ultimate desire seems to want to become a Fakir, after having lived a life of conjugal domesticity.

Recorded on April 2, 2013 at Jalangi, Murshidabad

Producer/Director: Shubra Dutta 

Main Camera: Shubra Dutta

2nd Unit Camera: Suman Biswas

Camera Assistants: Asim and Amit

Sound Engineer: Partho Pratim Barman

Sound Assistant: Tarun Mukherjee

Translated by Parjanya Sen