Babu Fakir

Gour Bhanga, Thanar Para, Nadia, WB

What Unknown Bird Have I Caged

What unknown Bird have I caged,
And lifelong, never learned its true name?

The Bird nests in the eye and I see it not
Who will ever end this dark state of mine?

The Bird says ‘Ram’ and says ‘Rahim’,
And plays its eternal game,
Which if you recognize it, tell me without fail.

That which I carry around ever,
And recognize never,
Fakir Lalan says what form does the Untouchable take to display itself?

Recorded at American Center, Kolkata on April 29, 2009
Camera: Shubhankar Bhar, Shubra Dutta
Audio: Shubhadeep Sengupta
Director: Tanaji Dasgupta
Edited by Rhonda Granger
Translated by Aditi Nath Sarkar