Amirul Fakir

Gour Bhanga,Thanar Para District , Nadia

Within the Heart-lantern Burns the Flame of Beauty!

Behold (O my mind!) the one
In whose desire-laden heart-lantern
Burns the flame of beauty (1),
Always!  (2X)

The day the flame is extinguished,
The world-city shall be plunged in darkness! (2X)
That day, your parrot will flee,
Leaving behind the abode of happiness (2).

Within the heart-lantern
Burns the flame of beauty,

You remain immersed in the play of Rati (3),
Causing him to escape! (4)
You make a business of selling words (5),
What will happen (alas!) when you lose the beloved?
In vain you create such chaos!

Within the heart-lantern
Burns the flame of beauty,

Siraj Sai (6) says, O Ignorant Lalan!

Cast your gaze at your own form!
Only then shall you perceive the beauty!
Do not get entangled in riddles!

Within the heart-lantern
Burns the flame of beauty,


(1) Baul philosophy believes that the human self is a mimetic reflection of the Supreme Being or the divine self. As such, every heart contains the image of the divine, i.e., the “beauty.”

(2) A reference to the physical body; the parrot is the atman or self within.
(3) Within Hindu and Tantric traditions, Rati is the goddess of carnal desire, lust, passion and sexual intimacy. Daughter of Daksha, she is often depicted as the female consort of Kamdeva, the god of love. The devotee here is shown as overtly lustful and pre-occupied with carnal desire. This causes the divine beloved to escape.   

(4)  The Supreme Being variously imagined as man-of-the-heart, the golden man, Brahman, Krishna or Allah.

(5) Within the concept of deva-tattva (philosophy of the body), intrinsic to Baul/ Fakir practice, the divine is often imagined as a lover/ beloved. Lalan Shah seems to suggest that when one is insincere, she or he cannot attain the divine. Realisation of the divine is possible only through sincere sadhana or practice.  The devotee here is depicted as lustful, insincere of speech, etc. causing him to lose the beloved.

(6) Siraj Sai, a musician from Cheuria village in Kushtia, is said to have greatly inspired Lalan. In many of Lalan’s songs, Siraj Sai is addressed as a guru with Lalan as the disciple.

দেখ দেখি (মন) দেখতে যার ওই
বাসনা-হৃদয়-লণ্ঠনে রুপের বাতি,
জলছে রে সদাই।

(আর) বাতি যেদিন নিভে যাবে,
ভবের শহর আঁধার হবে।
শুক পাখি তোর পালাইবে ছেরে সুখালয়।
লণ্ঠনে রুপের বাতি...

(আর) রতির কীরে ফস্কা মারা,
শুধুই কথার ব্যাবসা করা।
কি হবে তার, রুপিনী হারা?
মিছে গোল বাঁধাই।
লণ্ঠনে রুপের বাতি...

সিরাজ সাঁই কয়, অবুঝ লালন-
স্বরুপে তুই দে রে নয়ন!
তবে হবে রূপ দর্শন,
পরিসনে ধাঁধায়।

লণ্ঠনে রুপের বাতি...

Recorded at Townsend Rd, Kolkata on February 16, 2015

Produced and Directed by Aditi Sircar

Camera by Jesse Alk

Sound: Koustav Sinha

Camera Assistant: Rajib Kuila

Editor: Rhonda Granger

Translated by Parjanya Sen