Noor Muhammed Fakir

Ghurisha, Ilambazar, Birbhum

I Want To Catch The Fish (Mach Dhorbo Dhorbo Bole Mone Kori)

I want to catch the fish But it always leaves me foolish! What if this Mind is like that slippery Fish?
In muddy waters, this slimy fish flitters, But its beauty never loses its glitter. Like the moon it glistens in a golden jitter. Try to catch it, it’s gone in a swish…
Become the rohu or buffalo fish or simply carp The trapping net will have you warped. Devotion, worship, name of Allah, all is scarped. You’re good for nothing, drunk like a fish…
“In the three rooms meeting the three-point river In endless water have I been drowned out forever… I couldn’t catch the fish, my mind didn’t deliver,” Hazrat Mansur says in anguish….

Recorded 30th June, 2008 in Santiniketan, WB

Transcriber/Translator: Sudipto Chatterjee - Camera: Shubhankar Bhar, Ashesh Mukherjee - Sound: Dhiman Karmakar, Sudipto Mukherjee - Editor: Krishnskanta Pal - Producer/Director: Aditi Sircar