Kalachand Darbesh

Dhupguri, Jalpaiguri

Do Sadhana, Sing Bhajans (Shadhon Koro, Bhojon Koro)

Do sadhana, sing bhajans,
You don’t repent doing it?
You haven’t got God’s bidding
After reading the Hadith

The body’s cult and its commands
You don’t match with your heart’s Koran

Mi mi mi re re re do ti la ti do

What’s there inside your breath’s house
You don’t write in your heart’s book
I say it’s at others’ means,
Not at your own, that you look

With water from so many creeks and swamps
You wash this body made of earth
But with water from the river of love
You don’t wash your mind’s dirt

I say, to cure others’ ailments you go
But your own you don’t know
Your character is weakened by disease
The medicine for it you don’t eat

Without knowing your soul’s life-force
You sacrifice so many cows and goats
You feed this stomach thickened milk and cream
You don’t eat the food for the soul

At Ismail’s birthplace you raise a Kaaba to God
But you don’t keep track of where you were born

The one who will cleanse you
You’re not acquainted with
Nor raise to your sleep-in-death
The picture of Muhammad

While keeping your own land fallow
You build a house on another’s
In your own place two days later
You will become an outsider

Although your own person stays near
It’s among some others you fell
To Pagal Ballabh, too, has come
The sign of the day for farewell.

Recorded 14th January, 2008 in Joydeb, Birbhum, WB

“Breath’s house” is the body, which God enters and leaves with the wind (breath).
No words, only notes of the octave, are sung in the third stanza.
“Means” is a triple pun in the original; surat means shape, circumstances and sexual intercourse.
“Sleep-in-death” is the Islamic barzokh, the state immediately after death when the soul separates from the body in the grave and reflects on one’s mortal deeds.

Translated by Ananda Lal

Producer/Director:  Aditi Sircar
Camera: Shubhankar Bhar, Alok Maity

Production Co-Ordinator: Kartick Das Baul

Camera Caretakers: Sanjib Das, Shantu
Sound: Dhiman Karmakar
Edited By Rhonda Granger