Sanatan Das Baul

Khayerbani, Bankura

Brothers, There Ends The Night (Khyapare, Raat Pohano Bhar)

O madman!
Brothers, there ends the night
The moon rises in broad daylight

Full moon on a dense new-moon night
Full moon, madman, but darkness for thirty-nine hours!

I died, the swami of the clan did sit
Three people took birth in his womb
A pony in the royal house this time
… [inaudible]

Uncle Sun died, stake in his chest
The Brahman neighbourhood did grieve, their faces sporting hair
Crows died in Kamrup, lamentation in Kasi

Women and Vaishnavis in Vrindavan have said
Janmashtami will fall on the eleventh day
This time, in Bhadra, Paush thirteenth and Charak Puja day

Gosain Hari says in verse, “The words sound superb
Who has the capability to understand these words?
Whoever understood has won, the disturbed mind resolved,
Whoever understood has won, and gone across through thought.”

Recorded 17th April, 2008, in Khayerboni, Shonamukhi, Bankura, WB

Apparently a nonsensical song, it probably contains Baul codes Kamrup and Kasi are important Hindu pilgrimage sites, Kamrup in Assam associated with sexuality and Kasi (Varanasi) with death A Vaishnavi is a female mendicant or worshipper of Vishnu Vrindavan is Krishna’s youthful playground Janmashtami (“birth on the eighth day”) is Krishna’s birthday, in August The eleventh day of most months is significant for fasting and other rites The month of Bhadra spans August-September, and Paush, December-January Charak Puja, dedicated to Siva, takes place in mid-April

Translated by Ananda Lal

Director: Aditi Sircar
Camera: Shubhankar Bhar, Ashesh Mukherjee
Camera Caretakers:  Sanjib Das, Shankar, Raja

Sound: Dhiman Karmakar, Nairit
Production Coordinator: Kartick Das Baul
Edited by: Rhonda Granger