Biswanath Das Baul

Khayerbani, Bankura

Humans Run On A Spell Of Winds ( Ei Hawar Bus e Cholche Manush)

Humans run on a spell of winds
There’s one who knows, O madman’s mind of mine!

He winds that mechanism with breath, madman,
Except for connoisseurs, nobody knows

The spell of winds has six
Who jointly form a factory
Creating, breaking in their hands
Eyewitnesses are five

They create just as they break
Create a new factory every day

The spell of winds contains three qualities
The pure, majestic, primal—do you know?
The quality inside—
Variety manifest in that Unqualified
As mad Chaitanya comes and goes

The spell of winds has all four Vedas
Six shastras and eighteen Korans
Who interprets the Vedas and Vedanta, smriti-sruti?
I pondered over it—another Brahma
The mad Chaitanya’s factory

The moon, sun, planets and stars powered by those winds
When earthless fire, devoid of smoke, light up radiant
Inside that light the supreme way
That can be known just by intuitive sadhana

Thinking that, my Gosain
Purnananda signs off cheerfully
“Keep the spiritual madman in your mind, you’ll get darshan
Get darshan every night and day
In madman Purnananda’s factory”

Recorded 17th April, 2008, in Khayerboni, Shonamukhi, Bankura, WB

Note: The three qualities are the gunas: sattva (pure), rajas (majestic) and tamas (primal) Chaitanya was the revered Vaishnava saint The Koran has eighteen books Smritis are the myths and legends of Hinduism; srutis the most sacred texts (the Vedas) Gosain is a Vaishnava priest

Transcriber/Translator: Ananda Lal

Director: Aditi Sircar
Camera : Shubhankar Bhar, Somak Bhattacharya

Camera Caretakers  : Sanjib Das, ShantuSound : Dhiman Karmakar Production Co-Ordinator  : Kartick Das Baul
Edited by Rhonda Granger