Chandan Khepa

Rairamchandrapur, Gushkara, Burdwan

Leave Your Recitials Of Violence (Cherede Tor Hingsha Britti)

Leave your recitals of violence
They are a major hindrance
If you people want to see Bhagwan

Leave your various differences
See the shastras, see the Vedas
No distinctions between the Bible and Puranas

Listen Hindus, listen Muslims
Allah, Hari are not Hindu
Listen fakirs and anchorites
It does not take long to see Him
Open out your heart and soul
If you people want to see Bhagwan

Whether temple or masjid
The scriptures are imprisoned
Come outside and see the union
The flag flying over this world-shrine

How much can Bhola Pagla say
He bows before everyone’s place
Think about it, see
Hundreds coming, going, and all the same

Recorded February 2008 in Santiniketan, WB
Note: Hari is another name of Vishnu

Transcriber/Translator: Ananda Lal

Director: Aditi Sircar
Camera : Shubhankar Bhar, Somak Bhattacharya

Camera Caretakers  : Sanjib Das, Shantu
Sound : Dhiman Karmakar
Production Co-Ordinator  : Kartick Das Baul
Edited by Rhonda Granger