Braja Gopal Goswami

Dighi, Barathana, Purulia

Discard Small Offenses And Dirty Soil (Charo KhuntiNati Moila Mati)

Discard small offenses and dirty soil
Wash them and be pure like the soil
O mind, to Radha Govinda say victory!
But first renounce prosperity and property

Do not forget the spoken word, O mind
And remember this holy name, “Om Sri Ram Ram”
O remember, brother, this holy name
If mind and soul unite as one
O mind and soul, O soul and mind
O you will go to Vrindavan
Mad mind of mine

Control the ten sense organs, mind
Prepare for the maha puja
Of all those six things undesired
O the maha puja’s maha mantras
So many demons in the buffalo this time
O mind, to Radha Govinda, say victory!
But first renounce prosperity and property

O Ishan says, don’t worry, mind
The waves arise of sorrow winds
Madcap, how strong they weep
What will you do, O when you reach the end?
Forgetful mind, O mind of mine
You need to move ahead

Recorded 15th April, 2008 Shonamukhi Crematorium, Shonamukhi, Bankura

Radha Govinda refer to Krishna and his beloved Radha Ram is the Bengali pronunciation of Rama, Vishnu’s avatar Vrindavan is Krishna’s youthful playground Six things undesired are lust, anger, greed, ignorance, pride and malice Demon in the buffalo alludes to the Mahishasura, or buffalo demon, killed by the goddess Durga

Transcriber/Translator: Ananda Lal

Director: Aditi Sircar
Camera: Shubhankar Bhar, Ashesh Mukherjee
Camera Caretakers:  Sanjib Das, Shankar, Raja

Sound: Dhiman Karmakar, Nairit
Production Coordinator: Kartick Das Baul
Edited by: Rhonda Granger