Dipankar Fakir

Gour Bhanga,Thanar Para, Nadia

Dayal, Nitai Won't Leave Anyone Behind (Dayal Nitai Kaure Phele Jaabena)

It startles the Ear and  looks like a hooded Cobra,
Where my Lord has His court.
That which kills me at touch,
That saves me in this World.

I understand and yet do not understand
The doings of the Creator.
He who has learned about the Self,
Has also obtained Divine Knowledge.

The Bad Tree has borne Good Fruit,
My Mind is still in a fog.
That treasure which is source of the treasure of my breath,
That treasure I have not tended.

Lalan! You will receive the just fruit of your bad deeds,
You never learn from experience.

Recorded 29th April, 2009, at the American Center, Kolkata, WB

Camera: Shubhankar Bhar, Shubra Dutta

Audio: Shubhadeep Sengupta

Director: Tanaji Dasgupta

Edited by Rhonda Granger

Translated by Aditi Nath Sarkar