Nur Alam Fakir

Gourbhanga, Thanar Para, Nadia

Where is the House of the Thief Who Steals from "Rang Mahal" (Rongmohole Churi Kore, Kothay re Shei chorer Bari)

Where is the loving Lord of my heart?
O Brother! Take  the Master of correct  Awareness with you,
and search for Him.
My eyes are blinded by the deceptions of falsehood,
As hair may screen a Mountain,
What play are you watching O Lord!

Seated in your inaccessible place.
If I haven’t seen Him in the here and now
How will I recognize Him
If by good fortune I meet Him at the very end?

Do your worship and follow your rites with care
You may find your Treasure close at hand,
Fakir Lalan* says find your own right place,
It is not far away.
*Fakir Lalan/Lalon  Shah

Recorded 29th April, 2009, at the American Center, Kolkata, WB

Fakir Lalon Shah, also known as Lalon Shah (c.1774–1890), was a Bengali religious figure and  poet. He is perhaps the most influential single literary figure in the Bengali Baul and Fakir traditions. He lived in the village of Cheuria in the area known as Nadia in the Bengal Presidency of British India, corresponding to the district of Kushtia in present-day Bangladesh.

Camera: Shubhankar Bhar, Shubra Dutta

Audio: Shubhadeep Sengupta

Director: Tanaji Dasgupta

Translated by Aditi Nath Sarkar