Al-Amin Fakir

Deulia, Talukhuda, Chapra, Nadia

Prophet of the True Faith, the Best Messenger (Boro BIr Abdul Quadir)

Prophet of the True Faith, the Best Messenger
Appeared at Dawn(1) on a Monday,

O! Let us go to Mecca City!

Mother Amina (2) had a Child,
Of whom no one knew.
A storm raged outdoors
So they sheltered inside.

Mother Amina spoke no words
but her heart ached for the Child.
For a Grace which I do not comprehend .

The door was closed, (and in the dark)
Mother Amina feared that the Son was born blind,
so heartrending were his cries.
Mother Amina spoke no words but inside her heart ached for the Child.

*There is no Deity but God
(There is no God but Allah)

And Muhammad is the Messenger of God!
Saying this the Child saw his mother’s face.
Knowing of her son’s heart,
That he was the Messenger,
She observed the rites (3) of Islam
Within the week.

Abu Bakr (4) weeps, caught in the traps of this illusory world.
The Child has not suckled (5) alas! for three days.
O! Let us go to Mecca City!

Recorded 29th April, 2009, at the American Center, Kolkata, WB
1. The Prophet Muhammad was born in the month of Rabi ul awal, third month of the Islamic calendar. There is a widespread belief that he was born at daybreak,
2. The Prophet’s mother was Amina.
3. Probably the rites of Circumcision are implied.
4. Abu Bakr: probably the author of these lines. And surely not the first Caliph of Islam and one of the first converts to Islam, and the Prophet Muhammad’s Companion.
5. There is a folk belief in the Islam popular in Bengal that the Prophet Muhammad as an infant refused to suckle and wept for his ‘Ummah’ or Community of Islam. Some say the newborn infant fasted for three, others say for seven, days. Of course the word ‘ummah’ may sound close to a child’s natural cry. *la ilaha illallah Muhammad rasulallah: the kalma or Islamic declaration of faith.

Camera: Shubhankar Bhar, Shubra Dutta

Audio: Shubhadeep Sengupta

Director: Tanaji Dasgupta

Edited by Rhonda Granger

Translated by Aditi Nath Sarkar