Biswanath Das Baul

Suripara, Bolpur, Birbhum

That strange word evokes fear (Ore Ajgubi Ek Kaatha Shune Mone Laage Bhoy)

That strange word evokes fear
The immanent and the transcendental beet human beings
And itself is created through human beings

A dip in Ganga spells calamity
(Only) Brahmin woman attains heaven
Dharma blossoms with the defeat of guru
(And that is what) Dharma is

Man in the morning moves on all fours
At noon walks on both legs
And then totters on three legs
To his own (original) state

On the bank of Champadanga
Three people assume three ways
(And) they come to meet often
Says Lalan Fakir

আজগুবী এক কথা শুনে মনে লাগে ভয়
ওরে আলেখের পরে মানুষ আছে
আলেখ কথা কয় কথা শুনে লাগে ভয়।

গঙ্গাস্মানে হয় সর্বনাশ
আর বামুন মেয়ের হয় স্বর্গবাস
গুরু মেরে ধর্মের প্রকাশ ধর্মের পরিচয়
কথা শুনে লাগে ভয়।

এই মানুষ সকালবেলা চারপায়ে হাঁটে
আর বেলা দু প্রহরে দুই পায়ে হাঁটে
আবার তিন প্রহরে তিন পায়ে হেঁটে
আপন দেশে চলে যায়
কথা শুনে লাগে ভয়।

দেখি চাঁপাডাঙ্গার ঘাটে
আর তিন জনা তিন পায়ে হাঁটে
আবার দেখা হয় যে পথে ঘাটে
(ওযে) লালন ফকির কয়।

Recorded October 2007 in Santiniketan, Burbhum, WB
This song speaks of the baul tradition of the science of creation. And it is a practice of refraining from the ultimate satisfaction of desire that it preaches. Lalan the great poet-saint barred anyone who had given birth from joining his sect. The fantastic word one speaks of is that of creation and also that of desisting from it. This is what is both immanent and transcendental meaning the sperm it procreates is again recreated through the process of creation. A dip in Ganga signifies the act of sex. A Brahmin woman signifies restraint. The guru is the woman’s body because it is the medium of learning and also revelation. Thus when you learn from the act of sex by transcending it, you “kill the guru (the desire in itself)”, which is but the perfect expression of dharma. Champadanga is just an allegory for the female sexual organ, which any man visits. Human beings travel through three phases: crawlers, toddlers and then on the walking stick. And during each of these three stages man looks at woman, his guru, in three different ways: mother, paramour and daughter. Thus getting the opportunity of perfecting his dharma without giving in to desire.

Transcriber/Translator: Sudipto Chatterjee

Camera: Shubra Dutta 

Producer/Director: Aditi Sircar