Netai Chandra Das Baul

Kalipur, Kharidha, Birbhum

Take Care of Your "Man of the Heart" (Moner Manush Korore Joton)

Amidst careless and playful exchanges
The Man of the Heart(1) disappears,
The Man of the Heart is lost
Through lack of consciousness!
Take care of the man of the heart
It is through care that you shall find The jewel(2)! (2 times)

Since childhood, as the years rolled by,
By now there would be a solution,
I know not whether this heart remains my well-wisher
As (my) disposition becomes the obstacle(3)!

The guru’s element bears the essence of Krishna (O my Mind!)
The body-realm and its element needs to be venerated with care,
The image reflects the body, just as the body reflects the image(4),
Without this body, how can you attain the image(5)?

In vain, Matanchand cries desiring the moon(6),
And searches in which kingdom the moon resides,
The moon is merely an illusion;
Within the union of self with divine, the Man of the Heart dwells!

(1) Within Baul as well as Vaishnav traditions, the Moner Manush or ‘Man of the Heart’ is synonymous with the divine and must be sought within oneself. 
(2) ‘Man of the Heart’ or the Divine.
(3) Disposition or nature becomes the main obstacle in the path of discovering the ‘Man of the Heart’. Disposition or nature is the repository of the six vices/ ripus— kama (lust), krodha (anger), lobh (greed), moha (attachment), mara (pride) and matsarya (envy).
(4) The image of the divine.
(5) Baul practice lays great onus on the physicality of the body and believes that it is through a disciplining/ care of the body that the divine can be attained. The body is the vessel which contains the ‘image’ of the divine. However, the body is also the repository of vices which need to be dissipated through care/ disciplining in order for the ‘Man of the Heart’ to be realized. 
(6) A reference to futile desires.

Recorded May 2008 in Shonajhuri, Santiniketan, WB

Camera: Shubhankar Bhar, Shubra Dutta

Sound: Partha Barman, Laltu Dasgupta

Editor: Krishnskanta Pal/ Rhonda Granger

Producer/Director: Aditi Sircar

Translated by Parjanya Sen