Hari Charan Das

Pholjhor More, Durgapur, Bardwan

Where Would You Search For Him Here And There ( O Tare Khunjbi Kothay Hetha Shetha)

Where do you seek the One (1), here-there,
Without knowing his proper address?
You need to seek him within your mind! (2x)

The all-pervasive One is ever-present!
If you understand this (O Heart!) you shall find him,
Or else, he shall remain absent to you! (O Crazy One!)
The same moon illuminates all darkness!
But can the night-blind man perceive?
You need to seek him within your mind!

After creating the fourteen realms (2)
Tell me (O Crazy Mind!) where did the One disappear?
In vain do you seek him,
Unless you perceive his presence right here!
You need to seek him within your mind!

For the Being dwells in the guise of beings (3),
Just as all elements take the form of the soul (4)
(Such is the word of wisdom!)
Search within these—
To know where you or I dwell! (5)
You need to seek him within your mind!

(1) A likely allusion to the Moner Manush or Man of the Heart, also referred to as the Golden Man.  Within Baul as well as Vaishnav traditions, this Man of the Heart is synonymous with the divine and must be sought within oneself.

(2) Brahminical cosmology according to the Atharva Veda and the Puranas contains references of the fourteen realms or Lokas – seven higher ones known as Vyahrthis and seven lower ones known as Patalas.

(3) The ‘Being’ alludes to the Man of the Heart who resides within all ‘beings’.

(4) The Soul or Self (‘Atman’) within Brahminical philosophy is deemed to be composed of five natural elements (often referred to as the great elements)—earth/ prithvi, water/ jal, air/ vayu, fire/ agni and ether/ akash.

(5) Once one has perceived the ultimate Being, one then begins to perceive him within other beings as well, including one’s own self.

Recorded 15th April, 2008 at Shonamukhi Crematorium, Shonamukhi, Bankuraat
Director: Aditi Sircar
Camera: Shubhankar Bhar, Ashesh Mukherjee
Camera Caretakers:  Sanjib Das, Shankar, Raja

Sound: Dhiman Karmakar, Nairit
Production Coordinator: Kartick Das Baul
Edited by: Rhonda Granger

Translated by Parjanya Sen