Gour Khyapa

Nichu Bandhgora, Bolpur, Birbhum

Worshipping You I Have Lost All, Become a Mendicant (Ami Tomay Bhoje Shob Haralam)

I lost all while worshipping you
And became a beggar
Gaur-Hari, you took all my wealth, class, prestige, life and youth
Oh Gaur-Hari, what could I do
I worship you yet don’t get you
And suffer from that
This plight cannot be wished away
Without your blessings

The thief of Braja
Everything is within your knowledge
You who stole the hearts of the gopis of Braja
And Radha as well
You’ve spent a life in fooling people
Yet your habit doesn’t die

Das Rishikesh resolves
To behold your beauty
And roam in the name of Gauranga
Even if my life were to be sacrificed
At the end of the day
Please shelter me at your fair feet

Recorded October 2007 at Ilambazar Forest,Bolpur, Birbhum

Translation by Satyaki Bannerjee with Partha Majumdar

Camera: Shubra Dutta
Producer/Director: Aditi Sircar